Meeting Reviews

Adventures in Local Journalism—Gwyn Lurie

      By Justine Sutton Wednesday, October 6th, saw members and guests of AWC-SB gathering on Zoom for the chapter’s monthly meeting, which always features an excellent speaker on a valuable topic. This month it was all about local journalism—more specifically, Gwyn Lurie’s adventures in taking over as Editor-in-Chief of the longtime weekly Montecito …

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Recap: Going Up! Improving Your Elevator Pitch

On September 8, AWC-SB launched its 2022 season with professional storyteller and AWC-SB Woman of Achievement, Kymberlee Weil. She shared tips for creating a powerful elevator pitch. “Use language that makes it compelling and memorable,” she said. “Tell a little less, so the listener wants more…!” Above all, “Be so memorable they can’t ignore you.” Read a recap of the event here, written by Justine Sutton.

Recap: Separating Lies from Truth in The Media

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Fake news, alternative facts, or just misleading memes—there is so much information coming at us all the time, it’s easy to lose track of what is truly, well… true. On Wednesday, April 7, AWC-SB members and guests gathered via Zoom for our monthly meeting and an eye-opening presentation by Starshine Roshell, “Truth Decay—The Battle to Prevent Lies and Misinformation from Overwhelming Reality.” Justine Sutton has a recap of this popular event.

Recap: Preparing & Managing During a Crisis

Crises seem to have become more the rule than the exception in recent years, with Santa Barbara no stranger to wildfires, flooding, and debris flows. We continue to see increasing weather-related crises all over the world and for the past year, we have all been affected by the crisis of the global pandemic. Here is a recap of our February meeting on Preparing and Managing During a Crisis.

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