Recap: Podcast 101 – Learn Today, Launch Tomorrow

By Justine Sutton

On November 6 in a well-appointed workzones meeting room, thirty plus local communicators, men and women, assembled for AWC-SB’s monthly gathering. As always, refreshments and lively networking chatter proceeded the presentation, Podcast 101: Learn Today, Launch Tomorrow.

This month we learned the ins and outs of the craft from podcasting gurus Jill Cloutier (Sustainable World Radio podcast), Perry Anne Norton (Perry Norton, Voiceovers / Post Production at The 805 Room), Lisa Osborn (AromaThrive, the podcast at www.Lisa.FM).

Packed with a wealth of useful information, the presentation moved along at a lively pace, peppered with laughter and many questions from the enthralled audience.

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Some of their advice came as no surprise to those with common sense—do your research before interviewing a guest, make sure to record in as quiet a space as possible, and don’t podcast with your mouth full (i.e., never eat while recording).

But did you know?

  • The URL extension .fm, popularly used by podcasters, actually signifies the country code for Federated States of Micronesia
  • Expect to spend three hours editing to come up with one hour of a finished podcast
  • A good basic recording microphone (one panelist recommended Yeti brand) only costs about a hundred dollars

One participant volunteered that she created her first podcast with, an easy and free way  start podcasting, and she seemed happy to shared about her experience.

Those in the audience represented all different points along the spectrum of experience—from the new Anchor enthusiast, to those with background in radio looking to step over to podcasting, to those still wrapping our heads around the concept. The presenters offered something for everyone, sort of like a Pixar movie, where kids laugh at the surface humor and grown-ups appreciate the subtle jokes. For those of us too inexperienced to absorb the more advanced information, it flew harmlessly over our heads, where those already deep in exploration of the process eagerly absorbed it.


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