Update About AWC-SB Events

Dear Friends and Members of AWC-SB,

All of us are adapting to rapidly changing circumstances as Covid19 disrupts every aspect of life. Quality communication—clear, accurate, current and concise—remains one of our best defenses against the virus.   

We want to update you about AWC-SB events. We canceled our April 1 meeting but plan to host “Rock Your Linked In Profile” on May 6. At this point it seems likely that meeting will happen virtually. More details to follow.

The AWC-SB board decided to reschedule the Women of Achievement event honoring Barbara Ben-Horin and Luz Reyes-Martin for Friday, October 23. Both of these women continue to perform heroic work on behalf of our community during this crisis. We look forward to celebrating their accomplishments in the fall. 

As people who understand communication AWC-SB members and followers play a valuable role in the weeks ahead. We have an opportunity to use our professional skills to flag misinformation and create or share content that informs and encourages others. Please follow AWC-SB social media and post links to examples of exceptional communication.    

AWC-SB encourages people who want to use this time to expand their professional skills to take advantage of AWC national’s Know to Grow webinars. Each session is presented by a communications expert discussing tips and tools helpful for your career. As a goodwill gesture during these difficult time AWC national offers webinars for March and April, as well as the archive of past webinars, at no cost to both members and nonmembers until April 30. For more information go to womcom.org.

Like every other organization we look for ways to help each other and support the first responders in healthcare and communications. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions. Most of all stay safe and informed.

Looking forward,
Carolyn Jabs
President, AWC-SB

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