March 13: Switch, Pivot, or Recommit

Switch, Pivot, Quit or Recommit

Wednesday, March 13 at 5:30 p.m.

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How do you manage the timing of your career? What factors do (or should) guide your decision? How do you know when it’s time to make a change…or not.

Moderated by career coach Daisy Swan, panelists Tamesha Schumacher, Lisa Leombruni, and Brittany Dobson share their experiences about negotiating a crucial time in their work life.

Moderator: Daisy Swan

Daisy Swan has been a career and executive coach for 25+ years, helping clients to discover, and be, their most authentic and productive selves. Daisy has worked with thousands of women and men who work at companies such as Google, Sony, Yahoo, Cornerstone On Demand, Warner Brothers, Hulu, Ernst & Young, PWC, and many smaller start-ups. CEOs, attorneys, producers and writers, sales professionals, and executives in the media and technology sector, as well as those just starting their careers, have benefited from working with Daisy. Swan also serves as an executive coach to UCLA MBA students as they progress through their Leadership@UCLA program.  Daisy, a meditator for roughly 40 years, is also certified as a mindfulness instructor through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center, and is trained as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher.  A lifelong learner and dedicated to helping others, she is a certified professional coach, certified Somatic Coach from the Strozzi Institute, and she completed Stanford University Medical School’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education’s Applied Compassion Training in 2020. She is certified to conduct a variety of useful assessments with clients.
Daisy earned her BA in English Lit at Loyola University Chicago, and her MA in the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. She is the mother to her adult son, an avid tennis player, and addicted to CorePower Yoga. She is the author of Making Work Work: Secrets from a Career Coach’s Office.
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Panelist: Tamesha Schumacher, M.B.A

Tamesha is an entrepreneur and world traveler. She is an accomplished professional who enjoyed a 20+ year career in the strategic procurement business areas of the Entertainment Media and Biotech industries. She has a passion for unique experiences and resolving business challenges.
Driven by a desire to apply her strategic procurement knowledge toward a personal passion, Tamesha founded The Tea & Candle Company, LLC, an ecommerce business specializing in curated loose leaf tea blends and coconut wax candles. Her business has gained a loyal following of niche customers who appreciate the luxurious yet sustainable nature of each product. In addition, Tamesha is an independent consultant providing strategic sourcing and procurement services to small businesses, individuals and family estates. Tamesha’s love for exploration and curiosity about different cultures has taken her to various corners of the globe. Her extensive travels have broadened her business perspective and enriched her understanding of diverse cultures and traditions. This unique global perspective informs her approach to product development, her commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing practices for both her and her client’s business needs. LinkedIn:
Instagram: @theteaandcandlecompany @thegogettersb @mesha_the_bonvivant

Panelist: Lisa Leombruni, Ph.D.

Lisa is a professional science communicator and educator, with 13 years of experience as a writer, storyteller, fundraiser, applied social researcher, university educator, and program manager. She co-founded and directed the Strategic Environmental Communication & Media program at the Bren School at UC Santa Barbara, and has served as Senior Director of Marketing & Communications at GRID Alternatives. She has also worked in broadcast science journalism as Research Director and Development Associate at NOVA, and has consulted for the United Nations, Oxfam America, and Climate Nexus. She currently writes federal renewable energy grants at Meguire Whitney LLC, lectures in environmental communication at the Bren School, and designs and manages informal science learning NSF research projects. She has a Ph.D. in Communication from UCSB and a M.E.Sc from Yale School of the Environment.

Panelist: Brittany Dobson

Brittany is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary, a National Certified Guardian and a licensed Project Management Professional. She assists elders and their families as a Life Transition Coach, supporting both the planning process and the service of family trustees. Brittany also serves in legally appointed positions such as power of attorney, executor and trustee. Brittany has a background in business operations and change management, supporting organizations and the people within them successfully navigate transformation. Today she uses her expertise managing change to serve the members of her local community. Brittany has been a resident of Santa Barbara since 2007 where she lives with her husband and young twin children. In addition to being an active parent, Brittany is a member of the Santa Barbara Estate Planning Council and serves on the Sustainer Council of the Junior League of Santa Barbara, an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

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