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WEDS Oct 7: Solutions Journalism – Breaking the Fear-Based News Cycle

Solutions Journalism, a rigorous, evidence-based approach to reporting, goes beyond sky-is-falling headlines to showcase innovative ways people are solving serious problems.  Learn how to write and identify stories to present through a solutions journalism-lens with Giana Magnoli and Michelle Faust Raghavan.

Review: Building Emotional Immunity℠

Per executive coach Patricia R. Schwartz, the Emotional Immunity Experience is a self-directed state of enhanced immunity from your own and others’ reactivity… via the experience of your own positive feelings. Each time we have a pleasurable feeling from an action, the brain releases dopamine, which in the future will create a positive association with that action.

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The Santa Barbara chapter sponsors monthly meetings which help women at all stages of their careers stay current with important developments in the technology, practice, psychology and ethics of communications. Members are also encouraged to assume leadership roles in the organization, their careers and their communities.

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