October 23, 2014

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    Wed, Nov 5: Sandra Tsing Loh, The Madwoman In The Volvo

    Event management for Wed, Nov 5: Sandra Tsing Loh, The Madwoman In The Volvo powered by Eventbrite AWC–SB presents ward-winning writer, best-selling New York Times author, academic and host of the syndicated radio show “The Loh Down on Science” Sandra Tsing Loh. Wednesday, November 5, 6:30- 8:30 pm Santa Barbara Women’s Club 670 Mission Canyon Rd Santa Barbara, CA 93101 AWC-SB Members $15;  Nonmembers $30 Loh is the author of the best-selling new book The Madwoman In The Volvo: My Year Of Raging Hormones. Loh is also currently in production for her next hilarious one-woman show of the same title….

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    2014 Women of Achievement Awards Slideshow

    Photos by r.s.thurston photography

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    Review: Image, Success, and Self-Confidence

    By: Rachel Cansler In our professional lives we’ve all heard the adages, “Dress to Impress,” “Confidence is key,” and “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” Is there any truth to these common sayings? Are our business ventures influenced by our individual style and level of confidence? Empirical research has shown one’s professional success can be dramatically increased by one’s ability to project a refined, poised image. Professional Image and Design Consultant Valerie Burns and Jewelry Consultant Calla Gold led an interactive discussion on image, success, and self-confidence at AWC-SB’s May 1 event. To help participants…

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    Member Spotlight: Laura Inks

    By Leslie A. Westbrook AWC: Describe your business. What do you do? Why do you do it? Laura Inks: I am the Interim Executive Director of SunnyED, an educational program that pairs third grade students struggling with math with eighth grade tutors via the Internet. They begin by viewing vodcasts of our National Teacher of the Year, who explains the lessons in fun and engaging ways. The duo then work on problems together, until the younger one “gets it.” We are also developing a game, where the students can practice newly learned skills, in a fun and non-threatening way. Once…

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    Review: It’s Mine! Right???

    By: Rachel Cansler As the media world grows increasingly digitized communicators struggle to protect their intellectual property. What is considered intellectual property and how do we go about protecting our works?  Attorneys Mike Velthoen and Jim Q. McDermott of Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP discussed these questions and others pertaining to copyright and trade secrets at AWC-SB’s March 6th presentation, It’s Mine! Right??? Protecting Your Intellectual Property. Intellectual property, as with other forms of ‘property’ says Mike Veltheon, Managing Partner, is best thought of as a “bundle of rights.” We have the right to control the use of, the right…

Chapter Highlights

perie longo awc-sb poet laureate photo by r. s. thurston photography rsthurston.com

Poems for 2014 Women of Achievement Award Winners

The Making of an Editor for Marianne Partridge When you’re raised on a Long Island race track, your father a horse trainer, you seek speed, live the excitement of story, take control of the ending. When you think you’re not really a writer, you draw together those who are great, go for broke, become an editor. When told the job isn’t for a woman and Rupert Murdock fires you from the Village Voice, you become a tireless feminist, dedicate yourself to what Gloria Steinem calls the “longest revolution.” You dig in your heels, kick up some dust, get flying and…


2013 Nonprofit & Member of the Year

By: Rachel Cansler AWC-SB hosted their annual holiday party on Wednesday, December 4 at Municipal Winemakers in the Funk Zone. Members and friends came together to celebrate the holidays, enjoy delicious cuisine catered by Marmalade Cafe and honor the association’s Nonprofit of the Year, Storyteller Children’s Center, and AWC-SB Member of the Year, Lisa Angle. Storyteller Children’s Center is a local nonprofit organization that provides superior, tuition-free early childhood education for homeless and at-risk children, as well as comprehensive support services for their families. Executive Director, Terri Allison accepted the award for the nonprofit, sharing a heartwarming story about one…


August President’s Message

Summertime, And the livin’ is easy Fish are jumpin’ And the cotton is high ~ Porgy and Bess I hope that some of the “livin’ is easy” mindset has been with you this summer! If not, there are still some good summer days left.  To capture the summer spirit, we at AWC-SB hope you will join us by doing some summer reading with us and also connecting with your communications comrades. AWC-SB kicked off the summer with our always fabulous Women of Achievement event, Money Matters: Journalism, Justice and Empowerment, at the Montecito Country Club. Please read Rachel Cansler’s review…


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