Vision and Mission

 About AWC-SB

The Association for Women in Communications Santa Barbara is the premier organization for communications professionals on the Central Coast. AWC-SB is committed to professional development, networking, and empowerment for women at all stages of their career. With the help of members and other community leaders, the all-volunteer board of directors organizes monthly meetings about current developments in the technology, practice, psychology, and ethics of communications. Members are also encouraged to assume leadership roles in the organization, their careers, and their communities.


AWC-SB’s Vision

AWC-SB is committed to:

  • Empowering women communicators in all disciplines and occupational roles to achieve their dreams while representing the highest standards of excellence in their work.
  • Inspiring members to work collaboratively with others and in leadership roles to shape a better future for themselves and others in their communities.
  • Encouraging members to go beyond self-interest and commercial success and to represent something larger than themselves as a part of the broader community and world.

AWC-SB’s Mission

We provide access to role models and leaders in the communication fields as well as information about scholarship, current trends, and related research and technologies for our members. Our purpose is to:

  • Create a supportive environment for members to share experiences and exchange information and opportunities for success in their work and their careers..
  • Provide educational seminars and access to information in the Santa Barbara region to help members at all stages of their careers stay abreast of trends and shifts in the global economy, occupations, and professions.
  • Provide internships for women students and help them identify role models, mentors, and opportunities to learn about the ever-evolving world of communications.

Click here to join now. Our organization continues to grow. If you have questions or would like assistance signing up, email the membership director at 

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