Lynn Jones

Summer President’s Message

So many of us in the Santa Barbara writing community were profoundly influenced by Ray Bradbury. We heard him speak year after year at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference and were inspired by him to keep at our crafts and to make a difference in the world through words.

As I thought about losing Ray last week and read the stirring obituaries and tributes to his life, I thought about how the Association for Women in Communication is an organization that he would approve of.

He often talked about how he didn’t go to college and how college wasn’t a place to learn writing. He said you learn to write by writing every day and by “having good friends surrounding you who love you and love writing as much as you do.”

If you attended the AWC-SB Women of Achievement Luncheon honoring Perie Longo and Paula Lopez, you experienced first-hand how AWC-SB is a place where women do surround one another from a place of love and support one another in our efforts to be effective communicators.

Ray also said that, “If you write well you can influence the world.” Through the stories our Women of Achievement Perie Longo and Paula Lopez shared with us at the luncheon, we learned how two women have indeed influenced the world. Longo transported us by her poem, “Breaking News with Paula,” that she wrote for the event; we all experienced how a poet can give us a different vision for the world. Lopez shared stories of how her live coverage from the streets of LA with snipers on rooftops above during the Rodney King riots shaped how that story unfolded.

We have some fun things planned for the summer. If you are interesting in joining the AWC-SB Board or getting involved as a volunteer, I would love to chat with you! Please email me at or call me at 805-448-7681.

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