Featured member: Stephanie Riordan

Stephanie Riordan believes in serendipity, which is what led her to discover an “amazing group of women” and become a member of AWC-SB. New to Santa Barbara, Stephanie was looking for a way to connect and learn from others in her field. That opportunity presented itself via an unexpected but wonderful introduction from a fellow AWC-SB member.

So far in her 18-year career, Stephanie has been met with many other happy accidents.  She recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary at Coca-Cola (positions held in Minneapolis and Dallas before moving to Santa Barbara), where she’s a Senior Marketing Manager. Prior to that, she worked at advertising agencies in Minneapolis and led planning and implementation for a variety of clients – Little Tikes Toys was a favorite! Fortunately, strong female managers offered developmental challenges in her key interest areas. It truly shows that if you make your strengths and passions known to co-workers, then opportunities become available!

One such area that energizes Stephanie is focusing on innovation. She is dedicated to uncovering breakthrough solutions to help brands grow. Through a partnership witStephanie Riordanh Coca-Cola and WhatIf!, Stephanie was able to get her “green belt” in Ignitor Innovation Leaders Training. She also participated in an Inspiring Creativity Course at the Disney Institute. The creative techniques she learned helped her conduct productive client brainstorming sessions and unique consumer promotions, all helping to bring multiple parties together to pool creative thought and grow the bottom line.

Another of Stephanie’s passions is delving into the fast changing world of social media. She managed the development of a massive sampling program for Coke Zero and helped gain interaction with teens by building a solid digital campaign.  She is currently working with other food service customers to help them stay relevant and grow.

Stephanie loves being in Santa Barbara and, as a new member to AWC, looks forward to the chance to get to know more members. There’s so much more to her than what can be written here, so please say “Hi” next time you see her!

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