Member Spotlight: Sandy Delos

sandynewsletter“AWC-SB gives me the opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the most creative and talented women communicators in our community.” – Sandy Delos

Sandy Delos describes herself as “the last of the great generalists” and has worked communication jobs from editing a small town newspaper, to computer technical writing with pioneering computer instruction, to conducting research for the Minnesota State Legislature, to selling used cars.

She has worked in the nonprofit sector for the last twelve years as a grant writer and community representative and has funded millions of grant dollars for social service organizations in Minnesota, Pennsylvania and now Central Coast California. Among her accomplishments, she represented The Salvation Army as the largest homeless shelter in Minnesota, on the Commission to End Homelessness, initiated major partnerships for job training and lobbied on behalf of the homeless to all levels of government.

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she successfully wrote capital applications to fund Tec Centro, a groundbreaking $5.5 million bilingual technology training center created by the Spanish American Civic Association.

Sandy holds a BA from Southern Illinois University with a major in economics and minor in journalism and completed all course work and preliminary exams towards a PhD at the University of Minnesota with a primary program in psychology and secondary program in statistics. She is a member of the Association of Professional Fundraisers and the American Psychological Association.

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