Lynn Jones

October President’s Message

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” – Rollo May

At AWC-SB we have a beautifully diverse membership. Our members are journalists, poets, filmmakers, writers, authors, professional communicators in corporate public relations and marketing roles, and “para professional” communicators who are blogging, social networking and speaking using communication skills to market their professional work. I believe the thread that unites this disparate group of communicators is our mutual yearning for community with other like-minded women. (And, ehem, men. We have one male member, Del Hegland and another brave soul threatening to join us!)

The AWC-SB Board is committed to building a vibrant community of communicators that supports one another in their professional and personal lives. We are grateful to Antioch University Santa Barbara for helping us in this effort by providing us with a “home” for our membership activities. Our ability to bring engaging events has been greatly enhanced by having a comfortable place to hold our events—a place in itself a robust community of like-minded staff, faculty and students. We are so honored that Antioch University Santa Barbara has so warmly embraced our evolving community.

Our community outreach has resulted in 22 new members joining AWC-SB since June. (See the Sidebar for a list of new members.)  To facilitate our members being able to take full advantage of the powerful connections they can make as a result of their AWC-SB membership, we have developed a Member Directory we hope will serve as a resource for connecting with other members. As our community continues to grow we hope connections between members will be leveraged in lucrative ways.

Please visit to enter your profile into the new AWC-SB Member Directory. In the Member Directory you have an opportunity to make an offer to other AWC-SB members. For example, I am offering 10% off my coaching services to AWC-SB members. Once our Member Directory gets populated with entries, we anticipate quite a catalogue of services of great value to our AWC-SB community.

Thank you for being part of the AWC-SB community—for helping us continue to grow. We want your ideas… please let us know what programs you would like to see or other ways AWC-SB might support you. And if you want to volunteer, we would love your help. Let us know if you can help us on the day of our program events, want to write for our newsletter or share a story with us.

I hope to see you at Magazine Publishing and Writing in a 2.0 World on October 10 at our new home, Antioch University Santa Barbara. It is going to be great!



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