Breaking News with Paula After Awakening her Muse

I’m happy to report the world
has come to its senses—
it has been determined
that poets are finally decreed
the acknowledged legislators
of the world. As such, they’ve become
political and formed the Poet-Tree Party
to convene tonight at East Beach
under a full moon.
I hope you saw it last night
throbbing like an egg yolk against
the sky’s dark canvas. Everything bad
that could happen didn’t as all people
paused for reflection, looking up,
and agreed all’s bright with the world
after all.

The first rule of the new Party
is no one will be allowed to speak
except in full sentences. If we’re going
to text, tweet or twitter, it is under
advisement to use the 17 syllable haiku form.
Elections will cease.
The current U.S. Poet Laureate will be president.
Their platform will be harmony.
The I-pad will be now called the U&I-pad.

With Venus crossing the sun,
their motto will be “All you need is love.”
Everyone will finally get along.

To support the poets who never had a job
in the first place, KEYT is sponsoring
a contest for the best metaphor.
It’s been determined we can do better
than the world is your oyster, or life is a bowl
of cherries. We know that isn’t true.
The cash prize has not yet been decided.
It depends on our viewers enthusiasm.
That’s it for tonight. I won’t be
right back. I’m off to howl at the moon!

Perie Longo
June 6, 2012
Women of Achievement Awards
Association of Women in Communication

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