Women of Achievement Awards

AWC-SB strives to empower women to attain greater outcomes by acknowledging exemplary women leaders in communications fields. Women of Achievement Award recipients serve as inspirational role models for those wanting to further their careers in journalism, public speaking, writing, public relations and related disciplines. Our chapter uses funds from this event throughout the year for the professional development of our members, our interns and the local community.

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Since 2013 Women of Achievement received the special honor of a poem crafted especially for them by Santa Barbara Poet Laureate Emeritus Perie Longo. Click here to read the poems from our 2017 event.

Past recipients

Hannah-Beth Jackson
Dr. Carrie Hutchinson
Helene Schneider
Patty DeDominic
Lois Capps
Dr. Lois Phillips
Sigrid Wright
Marilyn Tam
Nancy Leffert
Marianne Partridge
Kathleen Sharp
Marsha Bailey
Perie Longo
Paula Lopez
Women of AchivementLynda Weinman
Starshine Roshell
Marcia Meier
Sarah Miller McCune
Catherine Remak
Ann Louise Bardach
Deborah Hutchinson
Jane Hulse
Melinda Burns
Dawn Hobbs
Melisssa Evans
Anna Davison
Phyllis de Picciotto.

“The Association for Women in Communications, Santa Barbara Chapter uses the Women of Achievement Awards to salute women who are exceptional communicators and have used their gifts to inspire and empower other women. Montecito Bank and Trust is proud to sponsor an organization that supports professional development for women in our community."

“As a global leadership educator, Fielding Graduate University recognizes the Association for Women in Communication as a network of vibrant leaders with their fingers on the pulse of the community. We value our relationship with the AWC because our missions have much in common: We both strive to make the complex clear, to explore connections and to never stop learning about our world.”

“AWC is an organization that brings smart amazing women together to share and connect their businesses. You put 4 or 5 women in any room and watch them work and bring any project or mission to life. Women need the support of other women. This organization does just that. The rule of the day is ‘be a mentor and get a mentor'. That's how it works. We learn we grow we share and we succeed. That's what AWC does for its members and much, much more.” - Dr. Nancy O'Reilly, PsyD, Founder of WomenConnect4Good

Past Women of Achievement Awards Themes

2017 “Inspirational Women Leaders: Communication, Empowerment, Outcomes”
2016 “Women Stand Up, Speak Out”
2015 “Pioneers for Change: Communication, Community, Choice”
2014 "Giving Voice: Leadership, Education, Community"
2013 "Money Matters: Journalism, Justice, and Empowerment"
2012 "From Breaking News to Awakening the Muse"
2011 “From Ink to Internet: Honoring Visionaries in Communication.”
2010 "Writing Truth, Empowering Women"
2009 "Championing Leaders, Building Relationships, Recognizing Excellence"


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