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Review: Why Women Need to Negotiate

By: Rachel Cansler

Women by nature are considered great communicators. But somewhat surprisingly, we lack an inherent desire to negotiate. We lean toward resolving conflict in ways that enable everyone to come out on top, rather than empowering ourselves to ask for what we need.

At AWC-SB’s February event at Antioch University, Certified Personal and Executive Coach Dr. Lynn K. Jones moderated a discussion focused around the topic of why negotiation is so important for women. The field of expert panelists offered personal experiences and shared vital tips.

Renee Grubb is the Co-Owner & Founder of Village Properties. Her success in real estate has hinged on her ability to strategize. During one notable short sale transaction, Renee had to negotiate with her firm not to cut commissions by systematically proving the significance of her and her team’s work. Renee asserts her own goals and those of her clients in every deal and backs that with full force. Panelist Lois Phillips, PhD, a Consultant, Author, Coach, Speechwriter and Conference Speaker, stated women, such as her, were not raised to push on others or challenge them face-to-face. She is convinced the first step to successful negotiation is to overcome this type of thinking. Britt Andreatta, PhD, Director of Learning & Development at Lynda.com, added that we all deal with our own internal negotiations every day. Aspects of our lives where we feel we lack can usually be traced back to a loss of confidence in ourselves. Lisa Gates, Co-Founder of She Negotiates, suggested women often don’t have the right frame of reference. We don’t know who we are so negotiating our own self-worth becomes impossible.

On the topic of negotiating our salaries, Lisa Gates stated we must first identify opportunities to negotiate rather than assuming we should accept the first offer. We trust too much in the “just world phenomenon” and wrongly assume we will be rewarded for our hard work. Instead, Lisa offered, we should be confident enough to ask for proper compensation. Britt Andreatta, added that we should never lowball ourselves or be frightened about being turned down for asking for too much, because we will never be told we have asked for too little. Lois Phillips, explained that women often fail to think about the trajectory of their positions and to ask what future development opportunities are being considered. This, Lois mentions, is why we must empower ourselves from the start to know what salary is appropriate and what opportunities are likely, given the  career track. Building on that note, Renee Grubb advised that women should walk into salary negotiations with knowledge of their own value.

The panelists concluded that maybe women are predisposed to avoiding conflict but need to use their innate collaborative  qualities to negotiate for their needs. Women must learn to stay calm in negotiations, to always stand their ground while being sensitive to another party’s position, to always aim for more than we actually settle for. Leaving us with this final insightful thought, Lois Phillips proclaimed that, “In life you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”

Lynn Jones

August President’s Message

“Communication works for those who work at it.” ~John Powell

We know as a member of AWC-SB you value communication and are willing to work at it.  We are committed to supporting you in communications that will change your lives, our community and your professional careers. With that in mind we are busy developing your association so you will get even more value from your AWC-SB membership.

Starting in September AWC-SB has a new home! Antioch University, Santa Barbara has partnered with us to provide a wonderful space in their new building at 602 Anacapa Street for all of our program meetings. If you have been to Arch Rock Fish Restaurant, you have been to the building where we will be holding our meetings.

We hope you can join us on Tuesday, August 28, 5 pm for a free reception to welcome new AWC-SB members to our organization and introduce you to our Antioch partners on the Antioch rooftop patio. Join us for a glass of wine, take in the glorious view, connect with others in the AWC-SB community. Feel free to bring a friend who may want to learn about AWC-SB. Please RSVP for the reception online.

Starting this September, we will hold monthly program meetings. You won’t want to miss the first program Wednesday, September 12,  5:30-7:30 pm. Panelists who have successfully monetized their blogs, turned their blogs into a book, or leveraged their blog for their business will share their secrets. This program To Blog or Not To Blog, That is the Question will be facilitated by Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO of the Web Marketing Therapy. More information about the meeting is coming soon, but you can sign up now. And, for members, our program meetings are now free!

AWC-SB has a new certificate program. For members who attend all of our program meetings we will issue a Communications Certificate in June at our annual event. Each quarter the meetings will focus on developing a particular area of communications expertise. This fall, the September, October and November meetings will center on the “Written Words.” This winter, the February, March and April meetings will revolve around “Business of Communications.”

If you are not a AWC-SB member, we hope you will consider joining. As a member, you are able to attend, free of charge, our six program meetings a year, which are $20 for nonmembers. You get discounts on our holiday party in December and the Women of Achievement event in June.  As a member you also get many benefits of the national Association for Women in Communications and are able to promote your business and books each month at our programs. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can attend the Rooftop Reception on August 28 or join online.



Lynn Jones

May President’s Message

Happy May Day!http://awcsb.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/lynn-Jones.jpg

In my work as an executive coach and organizational consultant, I use a philosophical approach called Appreciative Inquiry (AI). One of the primary tenets of AI is that “words create worlds.”

I find it inspirational that by using words, we can recreate, re-imagine, and reinvent our world. And that’s why I am committed to the Association for Women in Communication. As skilled communicators, we have the potential to create communities and organizations that we want to be part of.

I see the difference that good communication makes all the time: A nuanced conversation or well-written editorial bridges a cultural or philosophical divide. Appreciative listening helps someone to think deeply.  A film or photograph motivates action. A provocative question inspires a new direction.  Words creating worlds.

The 5th annual AWC SB  Women of Achievement luncheon, From Breaking News to Awakening the Muse, on June 6th at the Hyatt Hotel, will honor two women communicators who are masters of their craft; their words truly have created new worlds.

Paula Lopez, KEY NEWS anchor, has broken news in our community—both heartbreaking and heartwarming—for the last 20 years.  She has helped us to make sense of these events, and she has shaped how we experience them.

Perie Longo, Santa Barbara Poet Laureate Emeritus and poet for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, has been writing using poetry to heal and create hope for the last 25 years.

I, for one, can’t wait to hear these two women share their stories with us!  I hope you will join us for lunch at the Hyatt on June 6th and experience first-hand how words can create worlds.  Buy your ticket today!

Dr. Lynn K. Jones

Healthy Self

Healthy Self for Healthy Communication

Healthy Self for Healthy Communication: Improving Our Effectiveness

Wednesday, February 1, 5:30-7:30 pm
Canary Hotel
31 West Carrillo Street
downtown Santa Barbara

The post-holiday period is a time for renewed focus. We are at peak performance as communicators when we feel physically, mentally and emotionally fit. We tend to lose focus when we feel overwhelmed, lack energy, lose sleep or have physical complaints. Our expert panel will discuss steps each of us can take to improve our effectiveness. With their guidance, learn how to improve productivity, reduce stress, achieve better work-life balance and enhance joie de vivre.

The panelists:

Dr. Ellie Corigliano has a private practice in Santa Barbara where she provides consultation to aid in the restoration of well-being by working with each individual’s body chemistry and personal situation. She earned her doctorate in biochemistry at UCSB, and she has a Certificate of Nutrition from the Program of Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona.

Noemi “Mimi” Doohan, MD, PhD, is an Eisenhower Primary Care 365 Physician at the Eisenhower George and Julia Argryos Health Center in La Quinta. She provides in-patient care at Eisenhower Medical Center, and she maintains a practice in Montecito. She is the founder and former medical director of Doctors Without Walls. She earned her doctorate in molecular biology and biochemistry at UCSB and her medical degree at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Kathy Gruver, author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, maintains a natural health and medical massage practice in Santa Barbara. She earned her doctorate as a traditional naturopath and PhD in natural Health. She has studied mind-body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School and pursued further education at the National Institutes of Health. In addition to her practice, Kathy often contributes as a speaker, commentator, writer and expert witness.

Dr. Lynn K. Jones is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach and President of AWC-SB. She coaches leaders and trains and consults with organizations on leading, managing, communicating and implementing strategic and personal change. On the teaching faculty of the USC School of Social Work Virtual Academic Center, Lynn also trains professionals in organizational management, nonprofit management and leadership.


Karen O’Hara is Managing Editor for UL PureSafety, an international company specializing in workplace health and safety, and AWC-SB Program and Print Media Chair. She is the former senior vice president of RYAN Associates and the National Association of Occupational Health Professionals, based in Santa Barbara. A journalist, she has worked in the field of work-related health care, wellness and prevention for 23 years.

Tickets for the event may be purchased in advance until Monday, January 30 at 3 pm, $10 for students and members, $25 for guests. At the door, $20 for students and members, $35 for guests. Refreshments will be served. No host bar.

AWC-SB Members are invited to bring business cards, flyers and other promotional materials to put out on the new Members’ Table. This is the first in a number of new local membership benefits we will be unrolling in the near future.

PLEASE NOTE a Public Parking lot with 90 minutes free parking is located right behind the hotel, with entrances on Chapala and Canon Perdido streets. Hotel Parking is only validated if you order food from the restaurant, and valet service is $13.

We hope to see you there!