Weds. March 3: The Power of Poetry for Communications Professionals

Tap into your inner poet as a communications professional. Find out what poetry can teach communicators. How can writing, reading, or hearing poetry deepen our understanding, focus our thinking and sharpen our message? You’ll hear from some of Santa Barbara’s most inspiring poets and take away ideas about how the elements of poetry can infuse your work with new insight, precision, and passion.  

Recap: Preparing & Managing During a Crisis

Crises seem to have become more the rule than the exception in recent years, with Santa Barbara no stranger to wildfires, flooding, and debris flows. We continue to see increasing weather-related crises all over the world and for the past year, we have all been affected by the crisis of the global pandemic. Here is a recap of our February meeting on Preparing and Managing During a Crisis.

Women of Achievement Poems 2018

Wonder Woman for Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson Since Hannah-Beth landed on this planet, it’s never been the same. Already by age ten she spoke out for women’s rights. Ask the boys …