Weds. April 7: Truth Decay -The Battle to Prevent Lies and Misinformation from Overwhelming Reality

Whether it’s Russian trolls planting fake narratives, conspiracy theorists colluding against a perceived enemy or well-meaning citizens sharing misleading memes, the current deluge of information has made it all too easy to disseminate fiction and falsehoods that can topple businesses, spread pandemics and even undermine democracy.  Join veteran journalist, educator and truth-talker Starshine Roshell for a look at how we got here, why it matters and the small-but-powerful things you can do to help.

Recap: The Power of Poetry—Express Yourself!

Inspired by Amanda Gorman’s electrifying poem at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration, AWC-SB’s March monthly meeting/presentation was on poetry—what it can teach us as communicators, and how it can infuse our work with new energy. Wednesday, March 3, members and guests gathered via Zoom for the meeting, always a good chance for connecting, networking, and learning!