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Meet Our Board of Directors

 President:  Carolyn Jabs has written about families, ethics, environmental issues and the Internet for almost four decades. In 1984 she published The Heirloom Gardener (Sierra Club Books), a book “often cited as a turning point in the pro-heirloom movement.” Hundreds of her articles have been published in magazines ranging from Readers Digest and Redbook to Self and Working Mother. Her opinion essays have appeared in Newsweek and the New York Times. Carolyn moved to Santa Barbara in 2013. She was an active AWC member when she lived in Toledo, Ohio, and won several Crystal Awards in their annual competition. Contact:


Past President: Lisa Angle started in communications by creating computerized tutorials in 1990, moved on to writing, laying out and editing newsletters, then web design, and now is active in filmmaking and social media. As owner of Ninety Degrees Media her mission is to expand knowledge through creativity and technology. She has written articles for Montecito Journal, The Independent, and, has produced videos for the Santa Barbara chapter of NAWBO, the SB Zoo, the SB Writers Conference, and AWC-SB, and designed and edited the SB Film Weekly e-newsletter for the SB County Film Commission for several years. She co-produces an online television show called Literary Gumbo.


Treasurer: [Vacant] 

Membership Chair: Sharon Cox, a financial professional for 30 years, her experience includes serving as a financial planner, socially responsible investment advisor, small business consultant, and national conference manager. An award-winning speaker and author of materials published by the National Endowment for Financial Education, Sharon offers private and small group money coaching, interactive workshops, and speaking engagements through her business, The Money Dance,


Programing Chair: Jennifer Blaise Kramer studied creative writing at the UnivJenniferBlaiseKramer-smlersity of Arizona and received a masters degree in journalism at Boston University. She’s written about lifestyle, design, travel, family and food for publications including the Boston Globe, C Magazine, Coastal Living, Edible, Houzz, People, and Sky magazine. After living in New England and the Midwest—where she worked as a senior editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and editor-in-chief of Mpls.St.Paul Home & Design—she’s returned to her home state of California, where she is now senior editor at Santa Barbara Magazine. Contact:


Marketing Chair: Monica Kunz is a Digital Marketing Communication Professional at Monica Kunz Design, a Hybrid marketing, designer-developer with a 20-Year graphic art-web-design digital marketing and technology career with private and nonprofit expertise. Served on two other nonprofit boards. Her experience includes a unique blend of technical knowledge, analytical creativity, and artistic talent. Contact:


Women of Achievement Co-Chair: Lisa Osborn is a longtime radio broadcaster and entrepreneur. Currently she serves as the news and public affairs director at KCSB 91.9 FM, the radio station at UCSB. Her business produces on-hold messages and narration services. Lisa is also the host of a weekly health/wellness and personal growth podcast called Lisa.FM Thrive!. Plus she does a weekday (recorded) music show in Southern New England. Contact:


Women of Achievement Co-Chair: Nancy Seagal CCH, BWRT Keynote speaker specializes in Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking. With a background of over 23 years working as a therapist and as an advocate of science based, cutting edge coaching and learning technologies, Nancy enthusiastically continues to expand and share her knowledge. Nancy is a best-selling author where she defined her recovery from mercury poisoning by inspiring others to focus on their recovery. As founder of Rising Above It, Nancy produced personal development programs including an extensive audio collection addressing reduction of stress and working through anxiety. As a skilled communicator Nancy is versed in the nuances of promoting concepts and ideas on a broad range of subjects through a variety of modalities.











2014 Nonprofit & Member of the Year

AWC Santa Barbara Holiday Party 2014

Dimly lit with hints of holiday cheer, C’est Cheese hosted the Annual Holiday Party for the Association for Women in Communications, Santa Barbara Chapter. Members and guests sampled fine wine paired with delectable cheeses, artisan crackers, and other hors d’oeuvres. Every year AWC-SB honors a member of the year and a nonprofit organization.

cest-cheese-santa-barbaraIntroduced by AWC-SB’s President, Dr. Minette Riordan, Perie Longo, an exquisite poet, child therapist, and teacher accepted the honored of Member of the Year. When Longo read a poem written by a fourteen year old student of hers, she encouraged her audience to think of nonmaterial gifts they would like to give this holiday season. Longo’s unparalleled talent and humbling presence received applause and questions from eager onlookers.

Friendship Center took the honored of Nonprofit of the Year. Friendship Center established itself as a place for adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia to explore their talents. Donations from AWC-SB and guests included art supplies for a new artistic program run by an inspired volunteer.

Surrounded by esteemed colleges, laughter and pleasant small talk rang from every corner of the recently expanded cheese shop. A night spent giving to a wonderful organization, honoring an amazing woman, and indulging in C’est Cheese’s unforgettable food and wine, the Annual Holiday Party opened the doors to a holiday season of giving.

– by Dakota Spillman


Review Sandra Tsing Loh’s Visit to AWC-SB November 5, 2014

sandratsingloh2By Alessandra Labrador

At AWC-SB’s event on November 5, Author, Sandra Tsing Loh, shed light on what it means to go through menopause. After discussing her book, The Madwoman in the Volvo, Loh depicted a positive side to menopause, emphasizing the importance of discourse on a taboo subject.

When Loh experienced her own menopausal meltdown she turned to research to get some answers. She discovered women experiencing “the change”, showed hormone levels similar to that of a preteen girl. Since the women of today live much longer than women of the past, fertility only applies to a third of a woman’s life. Loh’s breakthrough of a redefined ‘change’ allowed her to gain new insight on the pressures women experience while fertile and the liberation menopause brings.


Women, more so than men, are constantly subjected to ideals and expectations of perfection – from how to dress, to how much to weigh, to how to carry oneself. No wonder women in the United States choose not to openly talk about menopause. Women try to live up to society’s forced expectations of them, thus do not want to admit to going through menopause. In an attempt at ‘perfection’ and equality in the workplace, women suppress their emotions. According to Sandra Tsing Loh, when you “go mad” you gain perspective on how “mad” the world is. Loh has found discussion of menopause a release. She believes that instead of stigmatizing menopause, people should talk about the condition, connect to each other, and bridge gaps across genders and generations.

Wed, Dec 3: AWC-SB Annual Holiday Party

Annual Holiday Party
Honoring Member of the Year: Poet Perie Longo
Nonprofit of the Year: Friendship Center
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
5:30-7:30 pm
C’est Cheese
825 Santa Barbara Street
AWC-SB Members $25; Nonmembers $35
AT THE DOOR: Members $35; Nonmmbers $45

Start the holiday season off by celebrating with AWC-SB at our annual holiday party. By tradition we will honor our 2014 Member of the Year Perie Longo and Nonprofit of the Year Friendship Center. Come enjoy holiday cheer with other communicators and refreshments from this year’s venue, C’est Cheese.

Perie Longo, Ph.D., MFT, PRT, served as Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara from 2007-09. Her life is dedicated to helping others find their voices, whether in her role as a marriage, family and child therapist, a poet, a poetry teacher through California-Poets-in-the-Schools (CPITS), or poet working in the therapeutic mode. She is a Mentor/supervisor for those who seek credentialing either as a certified poetry therapist (CPT) or a registered poetry therapist (PTR). For the past several years, Perie has created a special poem to honor the AWC-SB’s Woman of the Year Award recipients at our luncheon held in June.

Friendship Center preserves and enriches the quality of life of aging and dependent adults through innovative programs that value the dignity and worth of every person.  They provide respite, support and education, enabling families to continue to be engaged in the community, careers, and commitments.

Please bring a gift for Friendship Center clients. Suggested items: Picture frames (for wall hanging, not table standing), Acrylic paints, Watercolor paints (inexpensive is fine), Watercolor paper, Sketch pads for drawing, Picture hanging kits, Small drums (bongos, hand held drums), DVDs of TV shows(Carol Burnett, Dean Martin, Ed Sullivan, etc.)

Lynn Jones

Summer President’s Message

So many of us in the Santa Barbara writing community were profoundly influenced by Ray Bradbury. We heard him speak year after year at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference and were inspired by him to keep at our crafts and to make a difference in the world through words.

As I thought about losing Ray last week and read the stirring obituaries and tributes to his life, I thought about how the Association for Women in Communication is an organization that he would approve of.

He often talked about how he didn’t go to college and how college wasn’t a place to learn writing. He said you learn to write by writing every day and by “having good friends surrounding you who love you and love writing as much as you do.”

If you attended the AWC-SB Women of Achievement Luncheon honoring Perie Longo and Paula Lopez, you experienced first-hand how AWC-SB is a place where women do surround one another from a place of love and support one another in our efforts to be effective communicators.

Ray also said that, “If you write well you can influence the world.” Through the stories our Women of Achievement Perie Longo and Paula Lopez shared with us at the luncheon, we learned how two women have indeed influenced the world. Longo transported us by her poem, “Breaking News with Paula,” that she wrote for the event; we all experienced how a poet can give us a different vision for the world. Lopez shared stories of how her live coverage from the streets of LA with snipers on rooftops above during the Rodney King riots shaped how that story unfolded.

We have some fun things planned for the summer. If you are interesting in joining the AWC-SB Board or getting involved as a volunteer, I would love to chat with you! Please email me at or call me at 805-448-7681.